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After setting off on a journey leading back to our origins for our 65th anniversary, it was important for us, in this year’s catalogue, to explore all that makes La Maison du Whisky unique.

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Under Mathéo Modol’s lens, just a few square centimetres of surface area can create an abstract landscape. His black and white photos found in the watermark of our creation catalogue show a famous Scottish distillery in minute detail, from the wood used in its casks, to its whitewashed walls, copper equipment, cracked paint and undulating ocean…

This attention to detail echoes the work we carry out every year to build this bespoke selection sculpted from distilleries around the world.

From South Africa to Sweden, Taiwan and the United States, and whisky to saké, via French spirits and rum, each chapter offers a new latitude, perspective and viewpoint. In the antipodes of France, the first stop in this journey is presaged in the silhouette of the first whisky distilled and aged by Scapegrace in Canterbury, New Zealand. Revealed here in a special preview, this evocatively named single malt is an invitation to travel.

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